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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  February 13, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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glad you're here. good morning, monika samtani. >> good to be here. >> we're going to talk weather and dogs. >> our dog barks at the tv. weather wise, no concern really this morning. this afternoon, though, we're going to turn wet. if you're worried about snow, unless you're in the mountains of west virginia, western maryland, don't. it's not going to be a big deal. here's a look at your forecast for this wednesday. i almost said monday. wednesday. temperatures will get into the mid-40s, even upper 40s south of town. dry morning commute. some rain develops this afternoon so a wet ride home. that rain is going to mix with just a touch of snow tonight of the temperatures will be too warm for really anything to stick. we do have winds down south near the virginia-north carolina border. clouds are rolling in but just not a lot of moisture yet. that's going to change. with clear skies, light winds, down to 25 in frederick and westminster. leesburg is 32. culpeper 37. we have 40-degree readings well to the south in tappahannock
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and fredricksburg this morning. easton, you're in the mid-30s so the clouds will increase. any snow will be confined really to the mountains of western maryland, west virginia. could see 2 to 4 inches here. then tonight philly, atlantic city, even long island could get 1 to 3 inches. highs mid-40s. we have a dry ride in but doesn't mean it's smooth sailing. here's monika. we live in d.c. there's always an issue. alabama avenue north of the suitland parkway, you want to watch out for the car on fire and also on the inbound side of new york avenue, just after 16th street in northeast, a pedestrian was struck early this morning. you can see where it is right here and it's causing slow traffic with original the left lane getting by. let's take a live look outside and show what you it looks like on the inbound side of new york avenue at bladensburg road. so that activity is right after this intersection on the inbound side of new york avenue. let's go back to the maps. this time we're heading over to the north side of town. look at the slow traffic southbound 270 extends out of
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frederick most of the way to clarksburg. let's take a live look one more time at the beltway in college park. at least this looks good. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. president obama used the state of the union address to urge congress to come together to strengthen the economy and boost job creation. but in a shot at the republican members he said that deficit reduction alone is not a plan. >> then he laid out proposals that include increasing the federal minimum wage, spending more to fix the nation's roads and bridges and he called for preschool education for all american children. >> in the republican response, florida senator marco rubio cautioned against higher taxes. >> that'sy hope the. will abandon his obsession with raising taxes and instead work with us to achieve real growth in our economy. >> the president's state of the union address drew mixed reaction from both parties. >> delia goncalves is live on capitol hill with more on how everybody else was weighing in last night. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning,
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mike, andrea. as expected democrats loved the speech. thought it was ambitious and right on target. republicans thought it was much more of the same old thing that they've been hearing for many years now. and it offered no specifics. many republicans said they were looking for more defined blue prints to avoid a sequester though the president was clear last night, advising democrats and republicans to work together to avoid the cuts march 1. >> there are some members on the republican side who are recognizing that these proposals that are coming forward are reasonable ones and they ought to get behind it. i hope that that can continue. i think the president's message tonight reinforces that. >> spending is not driving the deficit. he put on notice republicans that he wasn't going there unless they were going to do comprehensive tax reform.
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so they may get some spending cuts. he says he wants to go there but he wants revenue. he never talked about it in that way. that's what he wants and that's why he's talking comprehensive tax reform because he knows that's the only way to get it. >> reporter: there was a lot of talk last night about working together and quickly to fix the nation's problems. can it happen? and what do republicans think? i'll let you know coming up at 6:30. mike, back to you. >> thanks a lot, delia. about 6:04. jessica doyle is back. she has a special your money report. of course the economy the big focus of the state of the union last night as it was last year and it's been recently since 2008 practically. were any of those promises kept? >> of course now we know the president's priorities for 2013. last year we heard a lot of economic promises, too. some were kept. some were not. we're taking a look back. >> reporter: the state of the economy hasn't changed dramatically since the last
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state of the union address. we've seen a slight decline in the nation's unemployment rate dropping from 8.3% in january 2012 to 7.9% last month. but some groups enjoyed new help. on education for all college students a promise to keep costs down while putting administrators on notice. >> if you can't stop tuition from going up, the funding you get from taxpayers will ge down. >> reporter: the president -- will go down. >> reporter: the president extended a $2500 a year tax credit for eligible students and public pressure caused some private universities to freeze tuition and cut costs, but some promises ran into stiff congressional opposition. a move to halt outsourcing was rejected in the senate as was an end to oil subsidies. other pledges were watered down or pushed aside, like taxes on the rich. this was the president's line in the sand. >> if you make under didded 250 -- you make $250,000 a year
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like 98% of families, your taxes shouldn't go up. >> reporter: but the line was blown up to $450,000 for couples as part of a dragged out 11th hour fiscal cliff deal. >> pass the payroll tax cut without delay. >> reporter: instead workers have seen their taxes go up after the social security tax holiday expired. by year's end a typical family making $50,000 a year will see their paychecks drop by around $1,000. >> focusing on last night's address, we saw earlier promises renewed. one specifically to watch the president's focus on public works projects. they were the centerpiece of a jobs plan he unveiled back in 2011. he couldn't get it passed in congress then and trying now he's calling for a $50 billion program to fix aging roads and bridges. another priority is raising the minimum wage to $9 an hour. this dates back to his presidential campaign of -- of
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2000 #. then he propose -- 2008. then he proposed to raising it to $9.50 an hour. gun laws were also seen as part of the president's speech. they invited victims of gun violence to join them in the chamber. the president said congress owes them a gun bill. >> each of these proposals deserve -- gabby giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. >> joining me this morning is steven barton, a survivor of the aurora movie shooting and policy advisor for mayors against illegal guns and laurie hass whose daughter was shot in the virginia tech shooting. thank you both for being here with us. what was it like being in the chamber last night listening to the president make this call for an up-or-down vote and remembering what you went through, remembering what your daughter experienced? how difficult was that? >> it was -- it was difficult. it's such an inspiration to see our president taking such a
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forceful stand and calling for something that is long overdue since virginia tech, since columbine, since long ago. this issue has required action for a long time. i'm so inspired to see our president demanding that from congress. >> what about you? >> i think it was remarkable. i think it is an acknowledgement on the president's part that the country is ready for this. americans -- every american across the land wants to prevent gun violence in their community n their home or in their school. so the moment was key. i think it was inspirational as stephen said and the time is now. it's -- there's been too many deaths. >> there have been a lot of deaths but in each of the most recent cases, we're talking about shooters who had mental health problems. just recently university of maryland grad student, the family said he had mental
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health problems. should the focus be changed? maybe we should put money into mental health problems rather than as gun lobbyists saying taking away my second amendment rights? >> absolutely not. the focus needs to remain on all the issues that have been brought forward. dangerously mentally ill persons who may become violent, yes, we need to study what that means, what are those indicators so that we can do a better job with those persons for their own sake as well as society and the community that they live in. but we cannot -- it's not an either/or situation. >> but those guns were all legally purchased. >> then let's fix the system by which they were not recognized to be dangerous. if those persons had indicators by a treatment provider that indicated they could become dangerous, they could become violent, then we couldn't have possibly keep the firearm if them. >> we have less than ten seconds. do you think anything will change now? it didn't change after virginia tech, columbine or aurora.
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we talk a good game but nothing happens. >> we've never seen our president this committed to this issue, any president. so i really believe something will change. >> i do, too. i think it's time and we will get this done. >> lori and stephen, thank you very much for being here with us. >> thank you. 6:10 now. morning investigators are looking into what could have caused a deadly house fire in charles county, maryland last night. it started around 10:30. the firefighters were able to put it out in 30 minutes but one of the people who lived in the home was not able to make it out. the victim according to firefighters is believed to be an elderly woman. one firefighter was taken to the hospital and treated for minor burns. the university of maryland held a memorial last night for two students who were killed in an early morning murder- suicide. police say 23-year-old dayvon green set several fires at his home on 36 rght deceit in -- 36th street in college park. when his roommates came out the home, he shot them. one of them 22-year-old stephen rane died. we caught up with one of his
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friends last night at a memorial service. evan morris says he doesn't understand why someone would kill stephen. >> i never imagined him injuring anyone or anything like that, to provoke something to this magnitude. >> after shooting his two house mates, green who is a graduate student shot and cildz himself. investigator -- killed himself. investigators believe green had been suffering from a mental illness. in addition to the handgun, they say green had a rifle. a machete and a baseball bat. sources tell cbs news that christopher dorner, the ex-los angeles police officer turned suspect and cop killer is dead. however, police say they have not yet recovered the body. authorities say dorner barricaded himself inside a cabin after exchanging gunfire with deputies. to officers were hit. one of them was killed. the other one is wounded. police say four people died during dorner's killing spree. dorner is said -- has said in a manifesto on facebook that he was hunting police officers in order to get revenge for his
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firing from the l.a. police force. we'll give you an insider's look into washington. we have one of the best resources on how you can get the buzz inside the beltway. we'll
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welcome back. weather first at 6:14. still a good looking morning. skies have a few clouds but
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good visibility. we're going to stay dry rng this morning -- dry this morning. your afternoon will cause problems as rain develops. mid-40s for highs. tonight when we have the rain transitioning to a little bit of snow, temperatures will still be too warm in my opinion and most of the metro for anything to stick. in the shenandoah valley, we could get close to an inch in a few spots. the bulk of the snow will fall in the mountains at higher elevations west of us, especially western maryland, west virginia where it's 28 in cumberland right now. colder air up north. look how mild south of town, upper 40s, even near 50 in norfolk right now. roanoke 44. richmond 47. so those folks are all rain. we're going to be mainly rain this afternoon into tonight. we've got temps in the upper 20s in restton right now. leesburg is 32. dumfries also 32 with baden at 37. one of our warmer spots.
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32 up at bwi and in washington now, a good looking morning. a little bit of cloud cover here. that's kind of a neat sky. let me step out of the way with a little light coming in across the eastern horizon now. not quite 40 minutes or so before the sunrise with a temperature of 35 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. feeling like 28 with that north, northeast wind at 9 miles an hour. bigger picture. lots of moisture down south from south texas all the way to the southeast. that's a tornado watch by the way in southeastern georgia this morning with this upper low coming out of oklahoma through missouri now, coming in toward southern ili. that's today's rain and snow maker. first it's going to throw the clouds at us like it's doing now. as we get into the late morning, some showers will start to move in, southern and western suburbs and snow in the mountains. by early afternoon, i'm stopping at 3:00 now. you notice the rain across the region with mountain snows. that will be the case in the afternoon and early evening as well. tonight some of the snow does pull closer to us, but not really close enough in the immediate metro for any issues.
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again i think if you're in frederick county, western loudoun, northern fauquier west, you may get that dusting to an inch. otherwise don't count on much from this except for the mountains. 46 today. afternoon rain. so we have the yellow alert for the slow ride home. tonight 35 so it won't stick in town. again, a dusting to an inch north and west. 51 on thursday. a pleasant day tomorrow. a few more clouds but still mild on friday, 54. the weekend turns colder. 40 saturday with a few flurries. the big storm looks like it's going to miss us to the east. a few flurries and cold on sunday with a high of 33. timesaver traffic right now from monika samtani. on the inbound side of new york avenue, i've been telling but an accident with a pedestrian struck. the activity has been there right after bladensburg road. let's take a live look on our traffic camera on the inbound side of new york avenue. you can expect delays to begin before this point and heading by that activity. you want to stay to the left to get around t. let's go back to the -- around it. let's go back to the maps. no problems on the dulles toll
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road. 66 looks okay. a bit of slow traffic out of centreville right now. let's take a live look from our sky 9. here's what it looks like near the vienna metro station. the left side of your screen heading toward the beltway. an accident northbound on lee highway at forth meyer drive. we -- fort meyer drive. we want to show you d.c. in a way very few of you get to see it. an insider's look. we're starting a segment called at large with carol joint from washingtonian magazine. >> to find out what's buzzing, she is one of the best resources around. she's produced for larry king and cbs' own charlie rose. she knows washington. she gets invited to the biggest events and the most exclusive parties. we welcome carol this morning. thank you for being here. >> thank you. my ego is done for the day. very good. >> we know that one of the biggest events going on was taking place in new york and it was the westminster dog show. we had some entrants from the
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d.c. area. >> she didn't win the big prize but alan charles who is a d.c. resident for years has shown dogs for years. two of the dogs made it into the best of show final. the hound dog, a fox hound named jewel and a bichon frise named honor. last night was the final. it went to this adorable little banana joe. the runner-up-- >> it's a funny thing they have a runner-up in case banana joe can't figure out what to do. >> i love that. they won over jewel and honor. i think there's something in that. i haven't figured out what it is yet. ellen says just to make it to the best in show round, she said that was awesome. that's ellen right there. >> long-time d.c. resident. one of the other things we wanted to talk about, can we call it a white lie, a white house lie? there's sort of a scandal, mini
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scandal maybe when it comes to the person who does the first lady's makeup. all of a sudden something got printed that wasn't all together true. >> the salon scene is on fire with this. let me see if i can put this quickly and correctly. irwin gomez, a well known makeup artist in d.c. was in the philippines where he's from doing interviews for two weeks. and he was on a tv show. then the website for the tv show -- it was said irwin is doing the first lady's makeup. most people know he's been doing the first lady's mickup since -- makeup since early in the first term. >> you're not supposed to talk about it. >> carl doesn't. irwin claims he didn't. he claims he was misquoted. for whatever reasonable, this got the attention -- reason, this got the attention of the white house. the white house felt it should make a statement which, you know, given that we're talking
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about makeup artists, i think that was pretty funny. >> with everything that's going on, we're concerned about the makeup artist. >> i talked to the white house and a spokesman said uncategorically carl ray is the first lady's makeup artist. >> the series "house of guards" available on netflix -- cards" available on netflix. >> i have to say it puts me to sleep a little bit. my colleague who is a critic liked it a lot. i'm waiting for a snowy day, a blizzard. howard, do you hear me? i want a blizzard and i'll watch the whole marathon. >> you get the whole season as soon as you buy it. ir' shooting a second season. >> it's in baltimore. that is the rub. >> it is a rub because it will be one of the biggest productions and all the money is going there. >> people are watching this and
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going baltimore. oh, there's a shot of the capitol dome and a shot of metro but then we're back in baltimore. if you live in iowa, that's not going to be an issue but for me, baltimore again. why all the members of congress in baltimore? >> we'll continue the fun at another time. at large with carol joynt. >> see you next wednesday.
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welcome back. 6:25. your weather first. we have a quiet morning and wet afternoon ahead. just a touch of snow tonight. for most of us it isn't going to amount to much. north and west of here, frederick, leesburg, out west of that north of that, you may get an inch or so here's a look at our day planner on this wednesday morning. a neat looking sky. the clouds are rolling in. by lunch time a few showers south of town. the rain will overspread the region early this afternoon and mix with a little snow tonight. look for high temperatures in the mid-40s and a dry commute in and a slow ride home.
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we'll be back with more of wusa 9news righ
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we are back at 6:29. this is always the place to get your weather first. here's a live look at the 14th street bridge coming into d.c. a lot of traffic building this early time in the morning. thank you for being with us. and thank you for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. 35 degrees here in northwest.
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meteorologist howard bernstein live on the weather terrace. you can expect rain later today. good morning, howard. good morning. beautiful skies to the east. a little light coming. sunrise just a few minutes after 7:00. the clouds are rolling in. looks like the moisture will hold off till after noon here in the metro so we should have a nice dry weather commute otherwise. a beautiful sky with the clouds rolling in across d.c. we'll be in the mild 40s by midday -- mid-40s by midday and stay there. maybe slowly drop off with the rain developing and a high of 46. that's rain here but in the mountains of western maryland, west virginia, snow will be developing. winter weather advisories go in effect at noon but that's way west of here. you see rain near the north carolina-virginia border. temperatures are cold up north. frederick 25. but it's 39 in fredericksburg. we've got a brisk 35 with cloudy skies now in d.c. i'll be back in a few minutes talking about your weekend and the rest of today. 6:30. here's monika with timesaver traffic. new york avenue is in
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trouble. we've been talking about an accident on the inbound side for a while. i'd say over an hour now after bladensburg road where a pedestrian was struck again early this morning with only one lane getting by and now in the backup, an accident at west virginia montana on the inbound side of new york avenue where all lanes are blocked. we'll take a live look at the inbound side of bladensburg road. outbound you're okay. inbowrnldz you want to watch -- inbound you want to watch your step. let's take a live look on the northbound side of i-95 here in virginia. this has been normal. a little slow traffic out of dale city and again springfield and a live look 395. it's slowing down right through landmark to seminary road. >> thanks, monika. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are doing. >> gayle king is in new york with the latest. good morning, gayle. >> hello. i can tell you what we're doing only on cbs this morning. bullets all around him, campletter evans -- carter
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evans describes getting trapped in the middle of this gunfight with fugitive christopher dorner and paul ryan and marco rubio on the state of the union address. we'll ask him about the water bottle moment, awkward, that's getting a lot of attention. and mogul steve wynn will be here in studio 57. those stories and more when we see you at 7:00. mike and andrea, i'm thinking he must have been very thirsty. >> he was a little nervous. that was a pretty big stage he was on last night. we'll be watching. thank you. president obama heads to north carolina today to begin pushing the plans he laid out in his state of the union address last night. >> the president called on congressional leaders from both parties to find compromise when it comes to the economic issues. he's also asking lawmakers to bring gun legislation to the board for a vote. >> delia goncalves is live from capitol hill with more reaction to last night's speech. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, andrea, mike. while many republicans, including senator marco rubio
6:33 am
himself have worked on bipartisan proposals, most recently the immigration reform, it seems that there is still a significant divide here on capitol hill. during the state of the union address last night, the president focused on of course the economy, raising the minimum wage, gun control, health care and a comprehensive tax reform plan. but it was the looming sequestration deadline that had many talking. >> i thought it was a speech that set forth an ambitious agenda, no doubt about that, but an agenda that is appropriate for the times that confront us. >> i think he laid out very clearly that the sequester approach which is across-the- board indiscriminate cuts is not the smart approach. the smart approach is to look at the facts and make cuts where we can make cuts but not cut core programs that are essential to our economy turning around. >> tomorrow we roll up our sleeves. we begin to do bipartisan work to try to mid gait the impact
6:34 am
of these -- mitigate the impact of these devastating defense cuts. there are already defense cuts we have taken over the last several years. we've got to turn those around. i'm optimistic we'll be able to make some impact there. >> reporter: that was congressman randy, for, a -- randy forbes, a republican from virginia, very optimistic that a deal can be reached. we heard from a lot of folks that a deal on sequester will likely be reached. the doubt is whether it will be done by march 1, the deadline and that's just a couple of weeks away. seems like we could be back here on capitol, another live shot, another night talking about another extension to the deadline. back to you. >> we could put money on that one, delia. delia goncalves reporting live from capitol hill. >> the money we have left. 6:34 now. jessica doyle is here with another special your money report. >> of course she's looking at the president's economic pry yorpts. >> you bet. -- priorities. >> you bet. we all know the economy was
6:35 am
front and center with the president's address last night. he rolled out fresh ideas, fresh proposals aimed at improving the lives of working americans. jump starting the economy is a big piece of that along with avoiding massive federal budget cuts. >> our economy is adding jobs but too many people still can't find full-time employment. corporate profits have skyrocketed to all time highs. but for more than a decade, wages and incomes have barely budged. let's agree right here, right now to keep the people's government open and pay our bills on time and always uphold the full faith and credit of the united states of america. >> the president called job creation his north star. he asked congress to focus on attracting jobs to the u.s., training american workers, a centerpiece of his plan is fixing aging roads and bridges, putting construction workers back to work. this plan could reopen a fight
6:36 am
with congress that he lost in his first term now calling for tens of billions of new dollars in spending on infrastructure. another proposal that's likely to face a fight, the president wants to raise the minimum hourly wage from the current $7.25 to $9 by the end of 2015. that could put pressure on small businesses at a time when they are still struggling. finally, the president called for both sides to find a solution before march 1. that's of course when automatic spending cuts hit the federal government, possibly furloughing tens of thousands of workers and hurting possibly military readiness. still we did not hear from either side a road map to head that off that seems to have any bipartisan appeal at this point. >> seems like they're willing to let it happen. >> i think it's going to happen at this point. i think all bets are that this sequester is going to happen unless they manage to push it off into the future. >> here's the deadline. let's move it some more. >> thanks, jess.
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wusa9 and want to help you get hired. one company is hiring -- rolyn companies is hiring a full-time project supervisor. for more information, go to for all of you who have a sweet valentine, we have a suggestion. >> we'll have more when we return.
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hello. welcome back to wusa9. it 16:41 -- it 16:41. -- it 16:41. getting over -- it is 6:41. it is hard getting over that hump. we'll run into some issues in the form of rain. in the far mountains of west virginia, western maryland, that's where we'll get some snow. tonight we'll get a little bit of snow. d.c. proper, i don't think it's going to amount to anything. it will be too warm. it will be melting on contact. here's a look outside. pretty cool sky this morning as
6:42 am
the clouds are rolling in. sunrise 7:01. 20 minutes from now. we just got a little bit of light under those clouds off to the east this morning. we'll see temperatures rise to the lower 40s here in town by 9:00. mid-40s at noon and stay there with the rain moving in. by 5:00 45. so we're definitely going to have a wet ride home, a dry ride in. and just a touch of snow tonight from the storm system that's coming out the midwest. you'll notice the rain in the carolinas this morning, southern virginia. slowly creeping northward. so headed down to richmond. you're going to see the rain by mid-morning there. i think it will take early afternoon before we see it. temperatures down in the mid- 20s north to near 40 south. it is 38 in fredricksburg. last check it was 47 in richmond with the cloud cover while 32 winchester and even harrisonburg this morning checking in with 37. one more look at this very cool sky this morning there to the north and northeast of reagan national airport where they're reporting 35 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. north, northeasterly wind at 9 miles an hour making the 35
6:43 am
feel like 28. so the storm we're watching it actually coming out of the lower mississippi valley or central mississippi valley toward the tennessee valley. counterclockwise circulation. upper storm. rain and snow mix here. just marginally cold air. it will be cold enough for snow in the mountainses but around here generally a rainstorm is what we're looking at. by lunch time we have the clouds rolling in. early afternoon to mid afternoon, here comes the rain with snow i-81 west. it's going to be there for the afternoon hours. so they can accumulate a couple 3, 4 inches. by this evening, 8:30, notice the snow just trying to get toward d.c. by 11:30, it's almost pulling away. we have three, maybe four hours of wet snow. that's why a trace to perhaps an inch north and west of town. frederick, leesburg maybe half an inch. rain today, snow tonight mix. a slow ride home. looking good tomorrow and friday with highs in the low to mid-50s. the weekend we turn far colder. 40 on saturday.
6:44 am
33 sunday. both days could see a couple of flurries. then next best chance of rain will be tuesday with a high of around 50. let's go over to monika right now, timesaver traffic. getting busy out there. >> it really is, especially if you're coming in from southern maryland right now on the northbound side of route 5 at silver hill road. you want to watch out for that disabled vehicle. it's been there for a while. now i believe delays begin back at st. barnabas road because of it. and also on the inbound side of new york avenue, look at all the red forming. that's because there was a pedestrian struck early this morning. i'm going to say about an hour and a half ago. work continues on the cleanup and the investigation there. there was an accident in the backup as well. i subject you go ahead and use -- suggest you go ahead and use rhode island avenue and avoid this delay. you also have slow traffic 295 trying to head out of the city and 295 crossing the 11th street bridge as well. lots of troubles here in the district. here's what it looks like on new york avenue. they just moved the camera but i could see a short time ago all the activity there as well.
6:45 am
a quick live look one more time outside at the beltway in landover. mike, back to you. >> thanks, monika. how you doing? valentine's day is tomorrow. just a day away. if you don't have plans for your sweetheart, we have a great idea now. we're joined by jack vocalist lloyd. she's going to give a special valentine's day performance. we're so glad to have you back. she was practicing during the break and it was so beautiful in here. so nice to wake up with you here. where are you playing because people are going to love it when they hear your voice? [ inaudible ] >> one or two shows? >> two shows at 7:00 and a 9:30 show. >> wait till you hear her. here's the full screen. we'll give you the information also on obviously your voice suits valentine's day. >> it's a day for lovers so we're here to celebrate love and share a little bit of our gift and help people feel a little bit more happy about
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their relationship. maybe hopefully. >> what will you be singing this morning? >> we're going to be singing a classic song known as "quiet night." >> fantastic. take it away. ♪quiet nights of quiet stars, quiet chords from my guitar, floating on the silence that surrounds us ♪ quiet nights and quiet dreams, quiet thoughts by quiet streams, and the window that looks out, oh how lovely ♪ this is where i want to be, here with you so close to me until the final
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flicker of light ♪ i who was lost and lonely ♪ ♪ [ singing in foreign language ]
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welcome back. 6:51 on this wednesday morning. clouds are moving in. a neat sky. sunrise about ten minutes away. rain down in southern virginia, north carolina boulevard trying to reach richmond the next couple of hours. it will get here toward midday, early afternoon and it will be in the form of rain. look at the neat sky to the east this morning with the clouds rolling in. a little bit of sun trying to slip in underneath it. here's our day planner. by 8:00 up to 40 and cloudy. by noon showers around, especially south of town, 46. we'll see the temperatures staying in the mid-40s. some snow is going to mix in with the rain tonight, too warm here in d.c. to wear about too much but areas north and west, anywhere from a trace to even an inch or so. leesburg, frederick, up toward the northern shenandoah valley. snow possible in our far western mountains. we have a long shot here from our sky 9 on the inbound side of route 50 which eventually becomes new york avenue. i've been telling but a pedestrian struck since early this morning after bladensburg
6:53 am
road. we just got off the phone with metropolitan police department. they tell us they're confirming that it is a fatal situation on the inbound side of new york avenue. after bladensburg road. i suggest you use an alternate route. rhode island avenue might work for you. again inbound new york avenue after bladensburg road with a deadly accident this morning. back to you. 6:53. a sign of spring. pitchers and catchers reported to very era, florida for the -- viera, florida for the nats. >> this is one of the most anticipated seasons because they were so good last year. it's good for us because we partnered up with masn and the nationals and will be airing 20 of the games right here. >> we'll bring you all of the stories and news from nats training camp in florida. time to answer our question of the morning. here's the question one more
6:54 am
time. according to, 15% of americans say they'll call out sick for one of these lame reasons. is it a, perfect, warm, sunny day, b, they call out sick because they stubbed their toe or c, because they're going on a date? >> lisa wrote, i say a. who wouldn't want to play hooky and enjoy a day in the beautiful sunshine. have a great day. >> but you know what? 15% of us call in for a stubbed toe. >> it hurts, it hurts. >> how could anybody say that out loud to their boss. >> and think they'd be believed. >> i'm sorry, that's dumb. i've been combing through the day's daily deals to find deep discounts and romantic ideases for you. reached out to me with these last-minute valentine's day deals. you have to act fast because they all expire tomorrow. we'll start with flowers. ftd is offering 33% off long stem mixed roses, now $19.99. you have to use's
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link to get this deal. next one is delicious with shari's berries. you can get 15% off one zone of gourmet dipped strawberries and finally a deal with harry and david. 20% off gifts that are priced $39 and higher for valentine's day. use the coupon code cupid to get that 20% discount. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love
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welcome back. 6:58. clouds rolling in. rain this afternoon. just a touch of snow tonight. highs in the 40s. nice tomorrow and friday. colder this weekend with a few flurries possible saturday and
6:59 am
sunday. metropolitan police tell us that this accident we've been telling you about inbound new york avenue after bladensburg road is now a fatal pedestrian accident. this is inbound route 50 heading on to new york avenue. use rhode island avenue instead. we're about one percent away from an all time high for the dow. we'll probably not get there today but let's hope we can inch closer. cbs this morning is next. a massive manhunt for the ex-la police officer has ended. we'll hear more about that. howard and i will be back in 12k5 minutes-- >> 12k5 minutes. >> if -- 25 minutes. >> if you can't join us in 12k5, join us any time, anywhere at thanks for waking up with us this morning. we'll see you tomorrow morning


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